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Officially Obsessed

It was show n' tell day and Chase brought in a few of his vintage cameras. It is safe to say that I took a healthy interest in them and became obsessed. They reminded me of my own vintage Minolta (also pictured) that carried me through college and beyond. I've always loved classic tools of the trade and decided I wanted to shoot more... and that it was a good time to apparently start a little collection of my own by visiting a few antique stores in the area.

The setup was a simple backdrop only using natural window light. Each camera was a fun discovery as we noticed the beautiful typography on the inside, or the pieces and parts, and the small details reminiscent of the golden age of design. One of the "new" cameras actually included the original manual that just so happens to be what Polaroid is relaunching as their current branding. The old is new! 

We hope you enjoy our latest obsession here at Detergent, I am sure we will be sharing more as collections grow. 


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