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WFDSA Annual Report

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations asked us to design the 2016 annual report, which was an interesting challenge due to WFDSA being made up of the world’s largest direct-selling companies. That is, competitors.

Knowing an annual report needed to be simple, easy to read and clean, we also knew we needed to highlight the many different competing organizations rather than focus on one or two of them.

With consistent photography touching on multiple organizations throughout, a clean design that made text flow and facts and figures stand out, we gave them an annual report that pleased the WFDSA and all companies within.

WFDSA - Cover & back.jpg
WFDSA - Contents spread.jpg
WFDSA - Inside spread.jpg
WFDSA - Inside spread2.jpg
WFDSA - Inside Graphs.jpg
WFDSA - Inside Graphs2.jpg